I've been working with a group of LGBTQ techies to build community among technologists in the queer community in New York City. The group, QUILTBAG++, recently had our first public event, a Digital Privacy Workshop for Queer and Trans People.

Syllabi online

Recent syllabi from grad courses I taught at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)


Emotional Bag Check

EmotionalBagCheck was a site where users could submit, or "check", their emotional "baggage", a short piece of text about something that had been troubling them, big or small. Their message would then be displayed anonymously where another user could choose a song that might provide comfort, along with an optional message. The bag-checker would receive an email with the link to the song on the (now defunct) music site Grooveshark. I created it for fun, and for the first few months only my friends visited, but then it made the rounds with teens on tumblr. From there, a few media outlets picked it up and it took off.

Some of the media coverage included write-ups in Wired UK, Marketplace, All Things D, and Good.

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Web 101

A selection of my tutorials for beginning web development


The Ethoinformatics project is a collaborative research project between NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), and the anthropology departments at University of Texas Austin and Washington University in St. Louis. As the database and application developer, I was responsible for finding a solution to manage large amounts of data collected for primate research in the field. I helped build a schema vocabulary to be used across different research projects at universities across the world. At the same time, I prototyped and built the mobile application that powered the data collection. One of the iterations of that application is available on my github and my documentation for the project at large is on the Ethoinformatics site.


Stack Overflow

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